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The president 2018

Muiruri Jomo Anselmi

Executive 2018

Ms Anne Jepkoech Tonje

Former President – Kenyan Community in WA (KCWA).

Anne also serves as an Executive member for the Kenya Youth Futures Program and Ethical Communities Council WA.

Her passion for community and making a difference is demonstrated in her roles as a Consultant and Advisor having worked in the State Government, Community Sector and Industry.

She has over 12 years extensive experience in project management providing strategic advice that contributed to the development and implementation of policy initiative across a range of community, industry and financial programs

Anne has graduated from leadership training following successful completion of the Public Sector Management Program. She also holds postgraduate qualification - Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Business Majors).and Empowerment

Kcwa President

March 2017-March 2018

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