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KCWA main objectives and constitution

Kenyan Australians are Australian citizens and residents of Kenyan origin and descent. They may be of indigenous African, European, or Indian heritage


  • The main objectives for the Kenyan Community are:

  • To be a not-for-profit, non-racial and a non-political movement that fosters friendships amongst all Kenyans.

  • To promote the interests of members and their associates.

  • To bring together members of the Kenyan Community to celebrate the Kenyan day of independence and other national days each year.

  • Promote awareness of developments that arise in Kenya from time to time.

  • To co-operate and liaise with humanitarian organisations and government bodies on issues that may affect the Kenyan Community of Western Australia.

  • To assist Kenyans residing in western Australia who are in crisis situations.

  • To serve as a channel for receipt of aid.

  • To promote a greater understanding of Kenyans in the wider community

  • To bring together Kenyan Groups, for the purpose of fostering cohesion whilst retaining diverse

  • To impart knowledge of cultural heritage to the children of members of the Kenyan community, especially Kiswahili language.

  • To assist any displaced Kenyan(s) and those in need (without prejudice).

  • To help, settle and welcome new Kenyan migrants to Western Australia (without prejudice).

  • To be a vehicle and support system through which Kenyans, as individuals, legal entities or groups could meet to cater for the welfare of Kenyans.

  • To help members overcome cultural shock.

More information can be found on the KCWA constitution

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