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Why join us?

Why  join us? Why become a KCWA member?

If you are a Kenyan citizen living in Western Australian then you are a KCWA Member by default. However there is need to be a paid up member as  these helps in.

1. Voting in our leaders, nominating and being nominated to become a leader.

2. Influence important decisions that affect  Kenyans living in Western Australia

3. Get special discounts to KCWA paid events.

4. Have a role in organising activities and events that are specific in contributing to not only the Kenyan Community but the Australian community at large. Some of the roles include leading recruiting membership, youth, women, men and many other roles.

5. You also have an option to join welfare.

To become a KCWA welfare member  you must be an active KCWA paid up member . At the moment, welfare is involved in the nuclear family members bereavements for active KCWA Welfare members. For enquiries email

How to become a member

You can become a member by filling in the online form and paying $30 annual membership fee. Method of payments is by card.

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