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Executive 2021

Message from the Previous President 2021 -Vincent Lusite










Welcome to KCWA update: It is our Prayer that every member of the community is doing well.  Community unity: KCWA has been holding talks and meetings with the subgroups community leaders and much progress is being made to bring all the communities together and to do everything possible for the Kenyans living in Western Australia to benefit from our associations. we call upon every member of the community to stand tall and preach unity and peace. We call upon all the community leaders in different capacities to do the right thing to bring all the members together. We know it might take a while  but it will certainly happen and we’ll be flying again sooner than later. 

We have our communication channels and especially so the social media platforms have been running.  Please click on the links below to access our social media  And feel free to comment and like our posts.  




E-Passport application
We are working with the Kenya High Commissioner in Canberra on matters that affect us in diaspora and it is a pleasure to announce that the E-passport that we have been waiting for can now be applied right here in Australia.
Please log onto the Kenya high commissioner’s website and you will find his full information on how to do your passport It is understandable and regrettable  that at this moment everyone is expected to travel to Canberra after completing the online application through e-citizen account. Please note that everything possible is being looked at for the High Commissioner to  be able to send the immigration attaché to go round to different locations and assist Kenyans in Australia to apply the new passport. Please allow a period of eight weeks for the processing of the new passport.
For those reapplying for their  Kenyan citizenship will also find useful information on the website.


Diaspora Policy 
There exists a diaspora policy with the government back in Kenya and it is now under review. We call upon all Kenyans to look at it and familiarise ourselves with what is happening. All engagement is welcome and Australia has a representative, it is important to give your views and they will be taken into consideration. Please send your views to for onward transmission or through the Kenyan High commission to Australia website. 


KCWA has held a number of community events and we're happy that you came out and enjoyed.  The sports event was so good and full of fun.  The family picnic was another great event that brought together family members to enjoy each others company. Not forgetting the Ladies High-Tea and most recently Women Gala that brought a large number of women together. Thank you for being a part of these events, that's the spirit!


Cultural day
On December 18th 2021, we are inviting all Kenyans and Africans to come and celebrate Our culture and heritage.Please come and showcase your dance, food, outfit, stories and any other thing that is unique and dear to you.  As this is the last event of the year we expect everyone to come and enjoy.
We have requested the Ministry of Health in WA to have a pop up Covid-19 vaccination clinic on the cultural day.  We are all welcome to come and have our vaccination if we haven’t. Kindly tell a friend to invite a friend.  
We thank the KCWA leadership team  who are working day and night to keep the community together and all the activities running. we thank all the members for trusting us and working with us.  for sure together we can do more.  


God bless you all,  God bless KCWA.

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