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KCWA Sports Day 2021

Sport shoes, check....Track suit, check.....Leggings, check.. Jersey shirt, check..... Shorts, check....Sun glasses, check...Hat or cap, check.... That must be the conversation going through almost every person who attended the KCWA Sports day on Saturday, 25th September 2021.

Fun, laughter, ululations, music filled the air.... The weather did not disappoint, it was all sunny and conducive for all sports activities. Talk of activities...there were various divisions in athletics for children and adults namely the 4by 400 relay race, 4 by 100 relay race, 800m, 100m etc, tug of war etc. The children had a lot of fun playing in the bouncing castles. We also must say that we have a lot of talented children in athletics, let's help these young talents realize their dreams in sports.

Later in the day we retreated to savor on the sumptuous, never-ending servings of sausage sizzle, maandazi, soft drinks etc and afterwards continued with the activities of the day. We had a talk on Covid-19 from the medical practitioners and a few remarks from Mr. Amu Shah- Kenyan Consular in Perth and our platinum sponsors' representative from ECU-Edith Cowan University . Adachi disability services was our gold sponsor. The day culminated with the issuance of medals, certificates and gifts to the winners.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, the executive team, the organising team that planned the event and to the Kenyan community that came out in numbers to be part of this wonderful day. Asanteni. Thank you. See you in the next events coming up....

The KCWA President Vincent Lusite and Edith Cowan University (ECU)- Platinum Sponsor's representative Mr. Wilson Msiska -International Account Manager - Africa, Sri-lanka, Nepal and Bhutan.

Adach Disability Services - Gold Sponsor

KCWA President (Left) together with Amu-Shah-Kenyan Consular in Perth who partnered and supported us.

The MC of the day Benson Biwott (left) introducing the medical practitioners Kachila and Josephine who held a session on the Covid-19.

The Event Pictorial:-

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