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KCWA 2017 inauguration ceremony

'Welcome aboard the KCWA 2017 journey. Thank you for availing yourself for this journey and looking forward to working with you to create a vibrant and thriving Kenyan Community in WA. Thank you for your hard work, the community feedback has been positive thus far noting lots of work still required. I am confident you are the team that will take KCWA and the community far.

I have attached a draft strategic action plan to capture our activities for the year that includes 4 key elements:

· Engagement

· Visibility

· Vibrancy

· Empowerment

These elements I believe will be the foundation of the activities and ways in which we can best serve our community to enable a refreshing change for KCWA impact.

I am flexible and happy to adjust the template so keen to get your input. I encourage each of you to add, review, suggest and/or consider what can be included, take note and action any pending activities where your name/position has been identified.

I will be in touch with each and every one of you by phone in the next couple of days to chat and clarify any issues.

Looking forward to further discussion and  your ongoing participation.



Madam President'

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