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Barbecue Meeting with the Kenyan High Commissioner to Australia. Amb. John Tipis

The chilly weather couldn't hold back Kenyans in coming out for a barbecue and a Meet and Greet with the new Kenyan High Commissioner to Australia Amb. John Tipis.

It was a day of joy, listening from the various leaders and just coming together and enjoying the sumptuous and famous Kenyan meat delicacy 'Nyama choma'.

The children were also not left up as they are also a part of our great culture, there was a bouncing castle for them to enjoy as well. They are the future of KCWA and so we journey with them.

Thank you fellow Kenyans, you are the ones that make KCWA. We are greatly proud of you.

Thank you Amb. John Tipis for coming to meet with the Kenyans living here. We appreciate.

Sumptuous 'Nyama Choma' The joy that come with 'Nyama Choma' is unmatched.....

The chefs of the day...Did you know that they are but some of our former leaders? you know. Continuity of service lives in KCWA.

The Kenyan High Commissioner to Australia, Amb John Tipis giving his speech.

Some of the Kenyans with the High Commissioner. The one kneeling and holding his hand is our ever vibrant KCWA President 2021 Lusite Vincent; Servant leadership is his philosophy, KCWA Unity is his mantra.

The children braved the cold weather too. On the left our Face of Kenyan beauty! Miss KCWA with the immediate former First Lady.

Some of the ladies serving in the executive committee on the fore -left Naomi and Redemtor (fore-right)

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