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The objectives of the Taskforce are:

  1. To advocate for Kenyans living in WA by presenting their views to the Australian and Kenyan Governments and other relevant organisations wherever possible.

  2. Sharing information about employment opportunities and other government and community support services.

  3. Seek to gather data and information to understand the needs of Kenyan international students living in WA.

  4. Mobilise the wider community through fund raising activities to provide achievable and equitable assistance to Kenyan international students living in WA.

  5. Provide spiritual and mentorship support to Kenyans living in WA.


The members of our Taskforce include:

  • Amu Shah: Kenya Honorary Counsel

  • Geoff Ngetich: KCWA President

  • Dennis Langat: Community Member (Chairperson, Taskforce)

  • Raiyana Pavan: KCWA Board Member (Taskforce, Secretary General)

  • Alicent Togom: KCWA Student Representative

  • Harrison Mbole: Treasurer Wamusyi and Director Ausiken Co-operative Society Ltd (Taskforce, Treasurer)

  • Joseph Uno: Chairman Urumwe wa WA

  • Steve Babu: Chairman Wamusyi Community WA and Pamoja Community Group

  • Jesca Ngeno: Director Ausiken Co-operative Society Ltd

  • Steve Sitienei: Chairman Kitwek

  • Dickson Kibiku: Spiritual Leader, Riverview

KCWA Executive including:

  • Kimani Andrew: Vice President KCWA

  • Charles Njuguna: KCWA Secretary General

  • Boniface Onyinkwa :KCWA Web administrator


As we continue to help each other at this time of difficulty, we have put together a few outlets to assist with food hampers on a long-term basis. As we must exercise hygiene, especially at this time of Covid-19 Pandemic, it is also important for the taskforce team to ensure that we give references to institutions or places that observe specified guidelines acceptable by law, and for our own interest of community unity,  we should consider institutions that we are directly associated with just in case we might need to assist one directly. Please reach out.

  1. River View Church

Location: 1 Thorogood St, Burswood WA 6100

Contact; Riverview East African Leader Dickson Kibiku - 0405815559


  2. Victory Life Centre (Margret Court Community Outreach)


       a.  Osborne Park
             Tuesday to Friday.   10am – 2:30pm    
             Location: 14a Neil Street, Osborne Park WA 6017
            (10-minute walk from Glendalough train station)

             Phone: (08) 9202 7128

        b. Kwinana/Rockingham
             Wednesday to Friday.  10:00am – 3:00pm
             Location: 18 Maydwell Way, Calista WA 6167
             Phone: (08)9419 2202

        c. Forrest field

            Tuesday & Thursday only.10:30am – 1:30pm
            Location; Hillside Church Community Outreach, 

            45 Berkshire Road, Forrest field WA 6058
            Phone: (08) 9419 2202

            Contact; Jesca Ngeno (partner) – 0413404775


  3. City of Stirling

Tuesday to Friday. 1pm to 3pm

Location: 21 Sudbury Road Mirrabooka 6061 WA

Contact: Eva Mwakichako – 0892058852


  4. Organization of African Communities in Western Australia (OAC).

Tuesday and Friday

Location: 225b Flinders Street, Yokine WA. 6060.

Contact: Geoffrey Ngetich - 0469735998

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